1 John 3:17

Whoso hath (o an ech). Indefinite relative clause with modal an with o and the present active subjunctive of ecw. The world's goods (ton bion tou kosmou). "The living or livelihood (not zwh, the principle of life, and see John 2:16 for bio) of the world" (not in the sense of evil or wicked, but simply this mundane sphere). Beholdeth (qewrei). Present active subjunctive of qewrew, like ecei just before. In need (creian econta). "Having need" (present active predicate participle of ecw, agreeing with adelpon). See the vivid picture of a like case in James 2:15 . Shutteth up (kleish). First aorist (effective) active subjunctive of kleiw, to close like the door, changed on purpose from present tense to aorist (graphic slamming the door of his compassion, splagcna, common in LXX and N.T. for the nobler viscera, the seat of the emotions, as in Philippians 2:11 ; Colossians 3:12 ). Only here in John. How (pw). Rhetorical question like that in James 2:16 (what is the use?). It is practical, not speculative, that counts in the hour of need.