1 John 3:20

Whereinsoever our heart condemn us (oti ean kataginwskh hmwn h kardia). A construction like oti an, whatever, in John 2:5 ; John 14:13 . Kataginwskw occurs only three times in the N.T., here, verse 1 John 3:21 ; Galatians 2:11 . It means to know something against one, to condemn. Because God is greater than our heart (oti meizwn estin th kardia hmwn). Ablative kardia after the comparative meizwn. And knoweth all things (kai ginwskei panta). Just so Peter replied to Jesus in spite of his denials ( John 21:17 ). God's omniscience is linked with his love and sympathy. God knows every secret in our hearts. This difficult passage strikes the very centre of Christian truth (Brooke).