1 John 4:20

If a man say (ean ti eiph). Condition of third class with ean and second aorist active subjunctive. Suppose one say. Cf. John 1:6 . I love God (Agapw ton qeon). Quoting an imaginary disputant as in John 2:4 . And hateth (kai misei). Continuation of the same condition with ean and the present active subjunctive, "and keep on hating." See John 2:9 ; John 3:15 for use of misew (hate) with adelpo (brother). A liar (pseusth). Blunt and to the point as in John 1:10 ; John 2:4 . That loveth not (o mh agapwn). "The one who does not keep on loving" (present active negative articular participle). Hath seen (ewraken). Perfect active indicative of oraw, the form in John 1:18 used of seeing God. Cannot love (ou dunatai agapain). "Is not able to go on loving," with which compare John 2:9 , ou dunatai amartanein (is not able to go on sinning). The best MSS. do not have pw (how) here.