1 John 5:11

That God gave (oti edwken o qeo). Declarative oti in apposition with marturia as in verse John 14 ; John 3:19 . Note aorist active indicative edwken (from didwmi) as in 1 John 3:23 , the great historic fact of the Incarnation ( John 3:16 ), but the perfect dedwken in 1 John 3:1 to emphasize the abiding presence of God's love. Eternal life (zwhn aiwnion). Anarthrous emphasizing quality, but with the article in 1 John 1:2 . In his Son (en twi uiwi autou). This life and the witness also. This is why Jesus who is life ( John 14:6 ) came to give us abundant life ( John 10:10 ).