1 John 5:10

Believeth on (pisteuwn ei). John draws a distinction between "not believing God" (mh pisteuwn twi qewi) in next clause, the testimony of God about his Son, and surrender to and reliance on the Son as here (ei and the accusative). See the same distinction less clearly drawn in John 6:30 . See also ei thn marturian after pepisteuken in this same verse and John 2:23 . In him (en autwi). "In himself," though the evidence is not decisive between autwi and autwi. Hath made (pepoihken). Perfect active indicative of poiew like memarturhken and pepisteuken, permanent state. A liar (pseusthn). As in John 1:10 , which see. Because he hath not believed (oti ou pepisteuken). Actual negative reason with negative ou, not the subjective reason as in John 3:18 , where we have oti mh pepisteuken). The subjective negative is regular with o mh pisteuwn. Relative clause here repeats close of verse John 9 .