1 Peter 1:10

Concerning which salvation (peri h swthria). Another relative clause (taking up swthria from verse Hebrews 9 and incorporating it) in this long sentence (verses Hebrews 3-12 , inclusive, all connected by relatives). Peter lingers over the word swthria (salvation) with something new to say each time (Bigg). Here it is the general sense of the gospel of grace. Sought (exezhthsan). First aorist active indicative of ekzhtew, to seek out ( Acts 15:17 ), late and rare compound, only in LXX and N.T. save once in Aristides. Searched diligently (exhraunhsan). First aorist active indicative of exeraunaw, old and common compound (exereunaw), to search out diligently, here only in N.T. Both of these words occur together in I Macc. 9:26. Of the grace that should come unto you (peri th ei uma carito). "Concerning the for you grace" (meant for you).