1 Peter 1:4

Unto an inheritance (ei klhronomian). Old word (from klhronomo, heir) for the property received by the heir ( Matthew 21:38 ), here a picture of the blessedness in store for us pilgrims ( Galatians 3:18 ). Incorruptible (apqarton). Old compound adjective (alpha privative and pqeirw, to corrupt), imperishable. So many inheritances vanish away before they are obtained. Undefiled (amianton). Old verbal adjective (note alliteration) from alpha privative and miainw, to defile, without defect or flaw in the title, in N.T. only here, James 1:27 ; Hebrews 13:4 . That fadeth not away (amaranton). Alliterative and verbal adjective again from alpha privative and marainw (to dry up, to wither, as in James 1:11 ), late and rare word in several inscriptions on tombs, here only in N.T. These inscriptions will fade away, but not this inheritance in Christ. It will not be like a faded rose. Reserved (tethrhmenhn). Perfect passive participle of threw, old verb, to take care of, to guard. No burglars or bandits can break through where this inheritance is kept ( Matthew 6:19 ; John 17:11 ). Cf. Colossians 1:5 , where laid away" (apokeimenhn) occurs. For you (ei uma). More graphic than the mere dative.