1 Peter 2:14

Unto governors (hgemosin). Dative again of hgemwn, a leader (from hgeomai, to lead), old and common word ( Matthew 10:18 ). As sent by him (w di autou pempomenoi). Present passive participle of pempw. Di autou is "by God," as Jesus made plain to Pilate; even Pilate received his authority ultimately "from above" ( John 18:11 ). For vengeance on evil-doers (ei ekdikhsin kakopoiwn). Objective genitive with ekdikhsin, for which see Luke 18:7 . For praise to them that do well (epainon agaqopoiwn). Objective genitive again, agaqopoio, a late word (Plutarch, Sirach) from agaqon and poiew here only in N.T. Found in a magical papyrus.