1 Peter 2:25

For ye were going astray like sheep (hte gar w probata planwmenoi). Brought from Isaiah 53:6 , but changed to periphrastic imperfect indicative with hte and present middle participle of planaw, to wander away. Recall the words of Jesus in Luke 15:4-7 . But are now returned (alla epestraphte). Second aorist passive indicative of epistrepw, old verb, to turn, to return ( Matthew 10:13 ). Unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls (epi ton poimena kai episkopon twn psucwn umwn). Jesus called himself the Good Shepherd ( John 10:11 , and see also Hebrews 13:20 ). Here alone is Christ called our "Bishop" (overseer). See both ideas combined in Ezekiel 34:11 . Philo calls God Episcopo. Jesus is also Apostolo Hebrews 3:1 ) and he deserves all other titles of dignity that we can give him.