1 Peter 3:10

For (gar). Reason for the entire exhortation in verses Galatians 8 9 and introducing in verses Galatians 10-12 a quotation from Psalms 34:13-17 with some slight changes. Would love life (qelwn zwhn agapain). "Wishing to love life." This present life. The LXX expressions are obscure Hebraisms. The LXX has agapwn (participle present active of agapaw, not the infinitive agapain. Let him refrain (pausatw). Third person singular first aorist active imperative of pauw to make stop, whereas the LXX has pauson (second person singular). His tongue (thn glwssan). See James 3:1-12 . That they speak no guile (tou mh lalhsai dolon). Purpose clause with genitive article tou (negative mh) and the first aorist active infinitive of lalew. But it can also be explained as the ablative case with the redundant negative mh after a verb of hindering (pausatw) like Luke 4:42 . See Robertson, Grammar, p. 1061. "Let him refrain his lips from speaking guile."