1 Peter 3:17

Better (kreitton). Comparative of kratu as in 2 Peter 2:21 ; Hebrews 1:4 . Patient endurance not only silences calumny (verse 1 Peter 3:16 ), is Christlike (verse 1 Peter 18 ), but it has a value of its own (verse 1 Peter 17 ). If the will of God should so will (ei qeloi to qelhma tou qeou). Condition of the fourth class again (ei--qeloi) with ei and the optative. For a like pleonasm see John 7:17 . For well-doing than for evil-doing (agaqopoiounta h kakopoiounta). Accusative plural agreeing with uma understood (accusative of general reference with the infinitive pascein (to suffer) of the participles from agaqopoiew (see John 2:15 ) and kakopoiew ( Mark 3:4 , and see 1 Peter 2:14 for kakopoio).