1 Peter 3:6

As Sarah (w Sarra). Obeyed Abraham (uphkouen twi Abraam). Imperfect active of upakouw, "used to obey" (with dative). Calling him lord (kurion auton kalousa). Present active participle of kalew. See Genesis 18:12 . Whose children ye now are (h egenhqhte tekna). First aorist passive indicative of ginomai, "whose children ye became." If ye do well (agaqopoiousai). Present active feminine plural participle of agaqopoiew ( Genesis 2:15 ), "doing good." And are not put in fear by any terror (kai mh poboumenai mhdemian ptohsin). Free quotation from Proverbs 3:25 , "and not fearing any terror" (cognate accusative of ptohsi, after poboumenai, present middle participle, late and rare word from ptoew, to terrify, as in Luke 21:9 , here only in N.T.). Perhaps Peter regards Sarah's falsehood as the yielding to a sudden terror (Hart). Hannah could also be named along with Sarah. The women somehow do not organize "daughters of Sarah" societies.