1 Peter 4:12

Think it not strange (mh xenizesqe). Prohibition with mh and the present passive imperative of xenizw, for which verb see Revelation 4:4 . "Be not amazed." Concerning the fiery trial among you (tei en umin purwsei). Instrumental case, "by the among you burning," metaphorical sense of old word (since Aristotle), from purow, to burn (pur fire). See Revelation 1:7 for the metaphor. See Revelation 18:9 Revelation 18:18 only other N.T. examples. It occurs in Proverbs 27:21 for the smelting of gold and silver and so in Psalms 56:10 (LXX 65:10): "Thou didst smelt us as silver is smelted" (epurwsa hma w puroutai to argurion). Which cometh upon you (umin ginomenh). Present middle participle of ginomai (already coming) with dative case umin. To prove you (pro peirasmon). "For testing." As though a strange thing happened unto you (w xenou umin sumbainonto). Genitive absolute with w, giving the alleged reason, and umin, dative case with sumbainonto (present active participle of sumbainw, to go together, to happen ( Mark 10:32 ), agreeing with xenou (strange, Hebrews 13:9 ).