1 Peter 4:14

If ye are reproached (ei oneidizesqe). Condition of first class assumed as true with ei and present passive indicative of oneidizw, for which verb see James 1:5 . For the name of Christ (en onomati Cristou). "In the matter of the name of Christ." For the idea see Matthew 5:11 ; Matthew 19:29 ; Acts 5:41 ; Acts 9:16 ; Acts 21:13 . This is the only N.T. example of just onoma Cristou, here used because of the use of Cristiano in verse Acts 16 . For the beatitude makarioi see Matthew 5:11 . The Spirit of glory and the Spirit of God (to th doxh kai to tou qeou pneuma). Note repetition of the article (to) though pneuma only once. The reference is to the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Glory and of God. Resteth upon you (ep hma anapauetai). Quotation from Isaiah 11:2 . Present middle indicative of anapauw, to give rest, refresh ( Matthew 11:28 ). "He rests upon the Christian as the Shechinah rested upon the tabernacle" (Bigg). Cf. Matthew 1:8 ; Matthew 3:16 .