1 Peter 4:16

But if as a Christian (ei de w Cristiano). Supply the verb pascei (condition of first class, "if one suffer as a Christian"). This word occurs only three times in the N.T. ( Acts 11:26 ; Acts 26:28 ; 1 Peter 4:16 ). It is word of Latin formation coined to distinguish followers of Christ from Jews and Gentiles ( Acts 11:26 ). Each instance bears that idea. It is not the usual term at first like maqhtai (disciples), saints (agioi), believers (pisteuonte), etc. The Jews used Nazwraioi (Nazarenes) as a nickname for Christians ( Acts 24:5 ). By A.D. 64 the name Christian was in common use in Rome (Tacitus, Ann. XV. 44). Owing to itacism it was sometimes spelled Crhstianoi (i, ei and h pronounced alike). Let him not be ashamed (mh aiscunesqw). Prohibition with mh and present passive imperative of aiscunw. Peter had once been ashamed to suffer reproach or even a sneer for being a disciple of Christ ( Mark 14:68 ). See the words of Jesus in Mark 8:38 and Paul's in 2 Timothy 1:12 . Peter is not ashamed now. In this name (en twi onomati toutwi). Of Christian as in Mark 9:41 , "because ye are Christ's."