1 Peter 4:17

For the time is come (oti o kairo). No predicate, probably estin (is) to be supplied. The phrase that follows comes from the vision of Ezekiel (chapter Ezekiel 9:1 ff.). The construction is unusual with tou arxasqai (genitive articular aorist middle infinitive of arcw), not exactly purpose or result, and almost in apposition (epexegetic), but note tou elqein used as subject in Luke 17:1 . The persecution on hand ( 1 Peter 1:7 ) was a foretaste of more to come. By "house of God" he can mean the same as the "spiritual house" of 1 Peter 2:5 or a local church. Biggs even takes it to refer to the family. And if it begin first at us (ei de prwton aphmwn). Condition of first class again, with the verb arcetai understood. "From us" (ap hmwn) more exactly. End (telo). Final fate. Of them that obey not the gospel of God (twn apeiqountwn twi tou qeou euaggeliwi). "Of those disobeying the gospel of God." See the same idea in Romans 2:8 . See Mark 1:14 for believing in the gospel.