1 Peter 5:1

Who am a fellow-elder (o sunpresbutero). Earliest use of this compound in an inscription of B.C. 120 for fellow-elders (alderman) in a town, here only in N.T., in eccles. writers. For the word presbutero in the technical sense of officers in a Christian church (like elder in the local synagogues of the Jews) see Acts 11:30 ; Acts 20:17 . It is noteworthy that here Peter the Apostle ( 1 Peter 1:1 ) calls himself an elder along with (sun) the other "elders." A witness (martu). This is what Jesus had said they must be ( Acts 1:8 ) and what Peter claimed to be ( Acts 3:15 ; Acts 10:39 ). So Paul was to be a martu ( Acts 22:15 ). Who am also a partaker (o kai koinwno). "The partner also," "the partaker also." See Luke 5:10 ; 2 Corinthians 1:7 ; 2 Peter 1:4 . See same idea in Romans 8:17 . In Galatians 3:23 ; Romans 8:18 we have almost this about the glory about to be revealed to us where mellw as here is used with the infinitive.