1 Peter 5:8

Be watchful (grhgorhsate). First aorist active imperative of grhgorew, late present imperative from perfect egrhgora (to be awake) from egeirw (to arouse), as in Matthew 24:42 . For nhpsate see 1 Peter 1:13 ; 1 Peter 4:7 . Your adversary (o antidiko umwn). Old word for opponent in a lawsuit ( Matthew 5:25 ). The devil (diabolo). Slanderer. See on "Mt 4:1". As a roaring lion (w wruomeno lewn). But Jesus is also pictured as the Lion of the tribe of Judah ( Revelation 5:5 ). But Satan roars at the saints. Present middle participle wruomai, old verb, here only in N.T., to howl like a wolf, dog, or lion, of men to sing loud (Pindar). See Psalms 22:13 . Whom he may devour (katapiein). Second aorist active infinitive of katapinw, to drink down. B does not have tina, Aleph has tina (somebody), "to devour some one," while A has interrogative tina, "whom he may devour" (very rare idiom). But the devil's purpose is the ruin of men. He is a "peripatetic" (peripatei) like the peripatetic philosophers who walked as they talked. Satan wants all of us and sifts us all ( Luke 22:31 ).