1 Timothy 1:19

Holding faith and a good conscience (ecwn pistin kai agaqhn suneidhsin). Possibly as a shield ( Ephesians 6:16 ) or at any rate possessing ( Romans 2:20 ) faith as trust and a good conscience. A leader expects them of his followers and must show them himself. Having thrust from them (apwsamenoi). First aorist indirect middle participle of apwqew, to push away from one. Old verb (see Romans 11:1 ). Made shipwreck (enauaghsan). First aorist active indicative of nauagew, old verb from nauago (shipwrecked, nau, ship, agnumi, to break), to break a ship to pieces. In N.T. only here and 2 Corinthians 11:25 . Concerning the faith (peri thn pistin). Rather, "concerning their faith" (the article here used as a possessive pronoun, a common Greek idiom).