1 Timothy 1:9

Is not made for (ou keitai). The use of keitai for teqeitai (perfect passive of tiqhmi) is a common enough idiom. See the same point about law in Galatians 18-23 ; Romans 13:13 . For "knowing this" (eidw touto) see Ephesians 5:5 . Unruly (anupotaktoi). Dative (like all these words) of the late verbal (a privative and upotassw). In N.T. only here, Titus 1:6 Titus 1:10 ; Hebrews 2:8 . Ungodly (asebesi). See Romans 4:5 ; Romans 5:6 . Sinners (amartwloi). See Romans 3:7 . Unholy (anosioi). Common word (a privative and osio. In N.T. only here and 2 Timothy 3:2 . Profane (bebhloi). Old word from bainw, to go, and bhlo, threshold. See Hebrews 12:16 . Murderers of fathers (patrolwiai). Late form for common Attic patralwiai (from pathr, father, and aloiaw, to smite) only here in N.T. Murderers of mothers (mhtrolwiai). Late form Attic mhtralwiai. Only here in N.T. Manslayers (andraponoi). Old compound (anhr, man, pono, murder). Only here in N.T.