1 Timothy 2:6

A ransom for all (antilutron uper pantwn). "A reminiscence of the Lord's own saying" (Lock) in Matthew 20:28 ( Mark 10:45 ) where we have lutron anti pollwn. In the papyri uper is the ordinary preposition for the notion of substitution where benefit is involved as in this passage. Anti has more the idea of exchange and antilutron uper combines both ideas. Lutron is the common word for ransom for a slave or a prisoner. Paul may have coined antilutron with the saying of Christ in mind (only one MS. of Psalms 48:9 and Orph. Litt. 588). See Galatians 1:4 "who gave himself for our sins." The testimony (to marturion). Either the nominative absolute or the accusative absolute in apposition to the preceding clause like to adunaton in Romans 8:3 . In its own times (kairoi idioi). Locative case as in Romans 6:15 ; Titus 1:3 . See Galatians 6:9 for "due season." There is no predicate or participle here, "the testimony in its due seasons" (plural).