1 Timothy 3:11

Women (gunaika). Accusative with dei einai understood (osautw, likewise) as in verse Colossians 8 . Apparently "women as deacons" ( Romans 16:1 about Phoebe) and not women in general or just "wives of deacons." See Pliny (Ep. X. 97) ministrae. Not slanderers (mh diabolou). Original meaning of diabolo (from diaballw, Luke 16:1 ), the devil being the chief slanderer ( Ephesians 6:11 ). "She-devils" in reality ( Titus 2:3 ). "While men are more prone to be dilogou, double-tongued, women are more prone than men to be slanderers" (White). Faithful in all things (pista en pasin). Perhaps as almoners (Ellicott) the deaconesses had special temptations.