1 Timothy 4:10

To this end (ei touto). The godliness (eusebeia) of verse James 8 . See 2 Corinthians 6:10 as Paul's own commentary. We labour (kopiwmen, Colossians 1:29 ) and strive (kai agwnizomeqa, Colossians 1:29 ). Both Pauline words. Because we have set our hope (oti elpikamen). Perfect active indicative of elpizw ( Romans 15:12 ). Saviour of all men (swthr pantwn anqrwpwn). See 1 Timothy 1:1 for swthr applied to God as here. Not that all men "are saved" in the full sense, but God gives life ( 1 Timothy 6:13 ) to all ( Acts 17:28 ). Specially of them that believe (malista pistwn). Making a distinction in the kinds of salvation meant. "While God is potentially Saviour of all, He is actually Saviour of the pistoi" (White). So Jesus is termed "Saviour of the World" ( John 4:42 ). Cf. Galatians 6:10 .