1 Timothy 5:1

Rebuke not an elder (presbuterwi mh epiplhxh). Dative case presbuterwi used in the usual sense of an older man, not a minister (bishop as in John 3:2 ) as is shown by "as a father." First aorist (ingressive) active subjunctive with negative mh (prohibition against committing the act) of epiplhssw, to strike upon, old verb, but here only in N.T. and in figurative sense with words rather than with fists. Respect for age is what is here commanded, an item appropriate to the present time. The younger men as brethren (newterou w adelpou). Comparative adjective newtero from neo (young). No article, "younger men." Wise words for the young minister to know how to conduct himself with old men (reverence) and young men (fellowship, but not stooping to folly with them).