1 Timothy 4:16

Take heed to thyself (epece seautwi). Present active imperative of old verb epecw, to hold upon ( Philippians 2:1 Philippians 2:16 ), but here ton noun (the mind) must be supplied as in Acts 3:5 and as is common with prosecw. With dative case seautwi. "Keep on paying attention to thyself." Some young preachers are careless about their health and habits. Some are too finical. And to the teaching (kai th didaskaliai). This is important also. Continue in these things (epimene autoi). Present active imperative of epimenw, old and common verb to stay by the side of a person or thing. See Romans 6:1 ; Colossians 1:23 . "Stay by them," "stick to them," "see them through." "Stick to the business of framing your own life and your teaching on right lines" (Parry). Thou shalt save (swsei). Future active of swzw, effective future, finally save. Cf. 1 Corinthians 9:27 ; John 10:9 .