1 Timothy 5:22

Lay hands hastily (ceira tacew epitiqei). Present active imperative of epitiqhmi in the sense of approval (ordination) as in Acts 6:6 ; Acts 13:3 . But it is not clear whether it is the case of ministers just ordained as in 1 Timothy 4:14 (epiqesi), or of warning against hasty ordination of untried men, or the recognition and restoration of deposed ministers (verse 1 Timothy 20 ) as suits the context. The prohibition suits either situation, or both. Be partakers of other men's sins (koinwnei amartiai allotriai). Present active imperative of koinwnew (from koinwno, partner) with mh in prohibition with associative instrumental case as in 2 John 1:11 ; Romans 12:13 . On allotrio (belonging to another) see Romans 14:4 . Keep thyself pure (seauton agnon threi). "Keep on keeping thyself pure." Present active imperative of threw.