1 Timothy 5:23

Be no longer a drinker of water (mhketi udropotei). Present active imperative (prohibition) of udropotew, old verb (from udropoth, water drinker, udwr, pinw), here only in N.T. Not complete asceticism, but only the need of some wine urged in Timothy's peculiar physical condition (a sort of medical prescription for this case). But use a little wine (alla ainwi oligwi crw). Present middle imperative of craomai with instrumental case. The emphasis is on oligwi (a little). For thy stomach's sake (dia ton stomacon). Old word from stoma (mouth). In Homer throat, opening of the stomach (Aristotle), stomach in Plutarch. Here only in N.T. Our word "stomach." Thine often infirmities (ta pukna sou asqeneia). Pukno is old word, dense, frequent. In N.T. only here, Luke 5:33 ; Acts 24:26 . Asqeneia = weaknesses, lack of strength ( Romans 8:26 ). Timothy was clearly a semi-invalid.