1 Timothy 6:17

In this present world (en twi nun aiwni). "In the now age," in contrast with the future. That they be not high-minded (mh upshlopronein). Present active infinitive with negative in indirect command after paraggelle, "not to be high-minded." Only instance of the word save some MSS. of Romans 11:20 (for mh upshlapronei) and a scholion on Pindar. Have their hope set (hlpikenai). Perfect active infinitive of elpizw. On the uncertainty of riches (epi ploutou adhlothti). Literary Koin word (adhloth), only here in N.T. A "vigorous oxymoron" (White). Cf. Romans 6:4 . Riches have wings. But on God (all epi qewi). He alone is stable, not wealth. Richly all things to enjoy (panta plousiw ei apolausin). "A lavish emphasis to the generosity of God" (Parry). Apolausi is old word from apolauw, to enjoy, in N.T. only here and Hebrews 11:25 .