2 Corinthians 1:11

Ye also helping together on our behalf (sunupourgountwn kai umwn uper hmwn). Genitive absolute with present active participle of late compound verb (sun and upourgew for upo and ergon). Paul relied on God and felt the need of the prayer of God's people. By means of many (ek pollwn proswpwn). Proswpon means face (pro, op). The word is common in all Greek. The papyri use it for face, appearance, person. It occurs twelve times in II Corinthians. It certainly means face in eight of them ( Acts 3:7 Acts 3:13 Acts 3:18 ; Acts 8:24 ; Acts 10:1 Acts 10:7 ; Acts 11:20 ). In Acts 5:12 it means outward appearance. It may mean face or person here, Acts 2:10 ; Acts 4:6 . It is more pictorial to take it here as face "that out of many upturned faces" thanks may be given (ina--eucaristhqh first aorist passive subjunctive) for the gift to us by means of many (dia pollon). It is indeed a difficult sentence to understand.