2 Corinthians 3:14

But their minds were hardened (alla epwrwqh ta nohmata autwn). Their thoughts (nohmata) literally. Pwrow (first aorist passive indicative here) is late verb from pwro, hard skin, to cover with thick skin (callus), to petrify. See on "Mr 6:52"; see also "Mr 8:17". Of the old covenant (th palaia diaqhkh). The Old Testament. Palaio (ancient) in contrast to kaino (fresh, verse Exodus 6 ). See Matthew 13:52 . The same veil (to auto kalumma). Not that identical veil, but one that has the same effect, that blinds their eyes to the light in Christ. This is the tragedy of modern Judaism. Unlifted (mh anakaluptomenon). Present passive participle of anakaluptw, old verb, to draw back the veil, to unveil. Is done away (katargeitai). Same verb as in verses Matthew 7 11 .