2 Corinthians 4:2

But we have renounced (alla apeipameqa). Indirect middle second aorist (timeless aorist) indicative of apeipon (defective verb) with a of first aorist ending, to speak forth, to speak off or away from. Common verb in the active, but rare in middle and only here in N.T. The hidden things of shame (ta krupta th aiscunh). They do attack the minister. His only safety is in instant and courageous defiance to all the powers of darkness. It is a terrible thing to see a preacher caught in the toils of the tempter. In craftiness (en panourgiai). Old word from panourgo (pan, ergon), a doer of any deed (good or bad), clever, cunning, deceitful. See on "Lu 20:23". Handling deceitfully (dolounte). Present active participle of dolow, from dolo, deceit (from delw, to catch with bait), old and common verb, in papyri and inscriptions, to ensnare, to corrupt with error. Only here in N.T. Used of adulterating gold or wine. To every conscience of men (pro pasan suneidhsin anqrwpwn). Not to whim, foible, prejudice. See 1 John 3:1-6 for "commending" (sunistanonte).