2 Corinthians 5:17

A new creature (kainh ktisi). A fresh start is made (kainh). Ktisi is the old word for the act of creating ( Romans 1:20 ), but in N.T. by metonymy it usually bears the notion of ktisma, the thing created or creature as here. The old things are passed away (ta arcaia parhlqen). Did pass by, he means. Second aorist active of parercomai, to go by. The ancient (arcaia) way of looking at Christ among other things. And yet today there are scholars who are trying to revive the old prejudiced view of Jesus Christ as a mere man, a prophet, to give us "a reduced Christ." That was once Paul's view, but it passed by forever for him. It is a false view and leaves us no gospel and no Saviour. Behold, they are become new (idou, gegone kaina). Perfect active indicative of ginomai, have become new (fresh, kaina) to stay so.