2 Corinthians 6:8

By glory and dishonour (dia doxh kai atimia). Here dia is no longer instrument, but state or condition. Doxa here is glory. See Romans 9:21 ; 2 Timothy 2:20 for contrast between honour and dishonour (timh, atimia). By evil report and good report (dia dusphmia kai euphmia). Play on the words with prefixes du- and eu- and phmh. Dusphmia is a late word, only here in N.T. Euphmia, old and common word, only here in N.T. As deceivers and yet true (w planoi kai alhqei). Paul takes up w now in place of dia which succeeded en. Note use of kai in sense of "and yet" (adversative). Plano is late word (Diodorus, Josephus) for wandering, vagabond, impostor (cf. planaw, to lead astray, used of Christ, John 7:12 ). In N.T. only here; Matthew 27:63 (of Christ by Pharisees); 2 John 1:7 . "In the Clementines St. Paul is expressly described by his adversaries as plano and as disseminating deceit (planhn)" (Bernard). Such slander from one's enemies is praise.