2 Corinthians 9:10

Supplieth (epicorhgwn). Late Koin compound verb from epi and corhgew, just below ( 1 Peter 4:11 ). Corhgo is old word for leader of a chorus (coro, hgeomai) or chorus-leader. The verb means to furnish a chorus at one's own expense, then to supply in general. N.T. examples of epicorhgew are 2 Corinthians 9:10 ; Galatians 3:15 ; Colossians 2:19 ; 2 Peter 1:5 . Shall multiply (plhqunei). Future active indicative of plhqunw, old verb from plhqu, fulness. Cf. Acts 6:1 . Fruits (genhmata). Correct reading (from ginomai, to become) and not gennhmata (from gennaw, to beget). This spelling is supported by LXX where Thackeray shows that genhmata in LXX refers to vegetables and gennhmata to animals. The papyri support this distinction (Moulton and Milligan's Vocabulary).