2 Peter 2:14

Of adultery (moicalido). Rather, "of an adulteress," like James 4:4 . Vivid picture of a man who cannot see a woman without lascivious thoughts toward her (Mayor). Cf. Matthew 5:28 . That cannot cease (akatapastou). Reading of A B in place of akatapaustou (alpha privative and verbal of katapauw, to cease). "Unable to stop." This a late verbal, only here in N.T. It is probable that akatapastou is merely a misspelling of akatapaustou. From sin (amartia). Ablative case as in 1 Peter 4:1 (amartia). Insatiable lust. Enticing (deleazonte). Present active participle of deleazw, to catch by bait as in verse 1 Peter 18 ; James 1:14 . Unsteadfast (asthriktou). Late verbal adjective (alpha privative and sthrizw), in Longinus and Vettius Valens, here alone in N.T. Exercised (gegumnasmenhn). Perfect passive predicate participle with econte, from gumnazw precisely as in Hebrews 5:14 . Rhetorical metaphor from the gymnasium. In covetousness (pleonexia). Genitive case after the participle. Children of cursing (katara tekna). Hebraism like tekna upakoh in 1 Peter 1:14 = accursed (kataratoi).