2 Peter 2:16

But he was rebuked (elegxin de escen). "But he had rebuke." Second aorist active indicative of ecw and accusative of elegxi (late word from elegcw, a periphrasis for elegcw, here only in N.T. For his own transgression (idia paranomia). Objective genitive of paranomia, old word (from paranomo lawbreaker), here only in N.T. A dumb ass (upozugion apwnon). Dumb is without voice, old word for idols and beasts. The adjective upozugio (upo zugon on) "being under a yoke," is applied to the ass as the common beast of burden (papyri, Deissmann, Bible Studies, p. 160), in N.T. only here and Matthew 21:5 . Spake (pqegxamenon). First aorist middle participle of pqeggomai, old verb, to utter a sound, in N.T. only here, verse 4:18 Ac 18 . Stayed (ekwlusen). First aorist active indicative of kwluw, to hinder. Madness (parapronian). Only known example of this word instead of the usual paraprosunh or parapronhsi. It is being beside one's wits.