2 Peter 2:20

After they have escaped (apopugonte). Second aorist active participle here (see verse Romans 18 ). The defilements (ta miasmata). Old word miasma, from miainw, here only in N.T. Our "miasma." The body is sacred to God. Cf. miasmou in verse Romans 10 . They are again entangled (palin emplakente). Second aorist passive participle of emplekw, old verb, to inweave (noosed, fettered), in N.T. only here and 2 Timothy 2:4 . Overcome (httwntai). Present passive indicative of httaow, for which see verse 2 Timothy 19 , "are repeatedly worsted." Predicate in the condition of first class with ei. It is not clear whether the subject here is "the deluded victims" (Bigg) or the false teachers themselves (Mayor). See Hebrews 10:26 for a parallel. Therein (toutoi). So locative case (in these "defilements"), but it can be instrumental case ("by these," Strachan). With them (autoi). Dative of disadvantage, "for them." Than the first (twn prwtwn). Ablative case after the comparative ceirona. See this moral drawn by Jesus ( Matthew 12:45 ; Luke 11:26 ).