2 Peter 2:2

Lascivious doings (aselgeiai). Associative instrumental ease after exakolouqhsousin (future active, for which verb see 1 Peter 1:16 ). See 1 Peter 4:3 for this word. By reason of whom (di ou). "Because of whom" (accusative case of relative, referring to polloi, many). Autwn (their) refers to pseudodidaskaloi (false teachers) while polloi to their deluded followers. See Romans 2:23 for a picture of such conduct by Jews (quotation from Isaiah 52:5 , with blasphmew used as here with di uma, because of you). The way of truth (h odo th alhqeia). Hodo (way) occurs often in N.T. for Christianity ( Acts 9:2 ; Acts 16:17 ; Acts 18:25 ; Acts 22:4 ; Acts 24:14 ). This phrase is in Genesis 24:48 as "the right road," and that is what Peter means here. So Psalms 119:30 . See again 2 Peter 2:15 2 Peter 2:21 .