2 Peter 3:2

That ye should remember (mnhsqhnai). First aorist passive (deponent) infinitive of mimnhskw, to remind. Purpose (indirect command) is here expressed by this infinitive. Imperative in Jude 1:17 . Spoken before (proeirhmenwn). Perfect passive participle of proeipon (defective verb). Genitive case rhmatwn after mnhsqhnai. And the commandment (kai th entolh). Ablative case with upo (agency). Of the Lord and Saviour through your apostles (twn apostolwn umwn tou kuriou kai swthro). Humwn (your) is correct, not hmwn (our). But the several genitives complicate the sense. If dia (through) occurred before twn apostolwn, it would be clear. It is held by some that Peter would not thus speak of the twelve apostles, including himself, and that the forger here allows the mask to slip, but Bigg rightly regards this a needless inference. The meaning is that they should remember the teaching of their apostles and not follow the Gnostic libertines.