2 Thessalonians 2:6

That which restraineth (to katecon). And now you know (kai nun oidate), says Paul in this cryptic apocalyptic passage. Unfortunately we do not know what Paul means by that which restrains (holds back, katecon), neuter here and masculine in verse Acts 7 o katecwn. "This impersonal principle or power is capable also of manifesting itself under a personal form" (Milligan). "He is Satan's messiah, an infernal caricature of the true Messiah" (Moffatt). Warfield (Expositor, III, iv, pp. 30ff.) suggested that the man of lawlessness is the imperial line with its rage for deification and that the Jewish state was the restraining power. But God overrules all human history and his ultimate purpose is wrought out. To the end that (ei to). Another example of ei to and the infinitive for purpose. In his own season (en twi autou kairwi). Note autou (his), not eautou (his own), revealed in his time, in the time set him by God.