2 Timothy 1:16

Grant mercy (dwih eleo). The phrase nowhere else in the N.T. Second aorist active optative of didwmi, the usual form being doih. This is the usual construction in a wish about the future. Unto the house of Onesiphorus (twi Onhsiporou oikwi). The same phrase in 2 Timothy 4:19 . Apparently Onesiphorus is now dead as is implied by the wish in 2 Timothy 1:18 . For he oft refreshed me (oti pollaki me anepsuxen). First aorist active indicative of anapsucw, old verb, to cool again, in LXX and Koin often, here only in N.T., but anapsuxi in Acts 3:20 . In the first imprisonment or the second. If he lost his life for coming to see Paul, it was probably recently during this imprisonment. Was not ashamed of my chain (alusin mou ouk epaiscunqh). Passive deponent again (first aorist indicative) with accusative as in Acts 1:8 . For alusin (chain) see Ephesians 6:20 . Note absence of augment in epaiscunqh.