2 Timothy 3:3

Implacable (aspondoi). Truce-breakers. Old word, only here in N.T. though in MSS. in Romans 1:31 (from a privative and spondh, a libation).

Slanderers (diaboloi). See 1 Timothy 3:11 ; Titus 2:3 . Without self-control (akratei). Old word (a privative and krato), here only in N.T. Fierce (anhmeroi). Old word (a privative and hmero, tame), only here in N.T. No lovers of good (apilagaqoi). Found only here (a privative and pilagaqo, for which see Titus 1:8 ). See also Philippians 4:8 . A papyrus describes Antoninus as pilagaqo and has apilokagaqia.