2 Timothy 3:6

That creep (oi endunonte). Old and common verb (also enduw) either to put on ( 1 Thessalonians 5:8 ) or to enter (to slip in by insinuation, as here). See same idea in Jude 1:4 (pareiseduhsan), 2 Peter 2:1 (pareisaxousin), Galatians 2:4 (pareishlqon and pareisaktou). These stealthy "creepers" are pictured also in Titus 1:11 . Take captive (aicmalwtizonte). "Taking captive." Present active participle of aicmalwtizw, for which see 2 Corinthians 10:5 ; Romans 7:23 . Silly women (gunaikaria). Literally, "little women" (diminutive of gunh), found in Diocles (comedian of 5 century B.C.) and in Epictetus. The word here is neuter (grammatical gender) plural. Used contemptuously here (only N.T. example). Ramsay suggests "society ladies." It is amazing how gullible some women are with religious charlatans who pose as exponents of "new thought." Laden with sins (seswreumena amartiai). Perfect passive participle of swreuw, old word from Aristotle down (from swro, a heap) to heap up. In N.T. only here and Romans 12:20 . Associative instrumental case amartiai. Divers (poikilai). Many coloured. See Titus 3:3 . One has only to recall Schweinfurth, the false Messiah of forty odd years ago with his "heavenly harem" in Illinois and the recent infamous "House of David" in Michigan to understand how these Gnostic cults led women into licentiousness under the guise of religion or of liberty. The priestesses of Aphrodite and of Isis were illustrations ready to hand. Agomena (present passive participle) means "continually led astray or from time to time."