Acts 11:24

For (oti). Because. This is the explanation of the conduct of Barnabas. The facts were opposed to the natural prejudices of a Jew like Barnabas, but he rose above such racial narrowness. He was a really good man (agaqo). See Romans 5:7 for distinction between agaqo and dikaio, righteous, where agaqo ranks higher than dikaio. Besides, Barnabas was full of the Holy Spirit (like Peter) and of faith and so willing to follow the leading of God's Spirit and take some risks. This is a noble tribute paid by Luke. One wonders if Barnabas was still living when he wrote this. Certainly he was not prejudiced against Barnabas though he will follow the fortunes of Paul after the separation ( Romans 15:36 ; Romans 41 ). Was added unto the Lord (proseteqh twi kuriwi). First aorist passive indicative of prostiqhmi, common verb to add to. These people were added to the Lord Jesus before they were added to the church. If that were always true, what a difference it would make in our churches.