Acts 11:3

Thou wentest in (eishlqe). Direct form, but Westcott and Hort have it eishlqen (he went in), indirect form. So with sunepage (didst eat) and sunepagen (did eat). The direct is more vivid. Men uncircumcised (andra akrobustian econta). "Men having uncircumcision." It is a contemptuous expression. They did not object to Peter's preaching to the Gentiles, but to his going into the house of Cornelius and eating with them, violating his supposed obligations as a Jew (Hackett). It was the same complaint in principle that the Pharisees had made against Jesus when he ate with publicans and sinners ( Luke 15:12 ). The Jews had not merely the Mosaic regulations about clean and unclean food, but also the fact that at a Gentile table some of the meat may have been an idol sacrifice. And Peter himself had similar scruples when the vision came to him at Joppa and when he entered the house of Cornelius in Caesarea Luke 10:28 ). Peter had been led beyond the circumcision party.