Acts 12:11

Was come to himself (en eautwi genomeno). Second aorist middle participle of ginomai with en and the locative case, "becoming at himself." In Luke 15:17 we have ei eauton elqwn (coming to himself, as if he had been on a trip away from himself). Now I know of a truth (nun oida alhqw). There was no further confusion of mind that it was an ecstasy as in Luke 10:10 . But he was in peril for the soldiers would soon learn of his escape, when the change of guards came at 6 A.M. Delivered me (exeilato me). Second aorist middle indicative of exairew. The Lord rescued me of himself by his angel. Expectation (prosdokia). Old word from prosdokaw, to look for. In the N.T. only here and Luke 21:26 . James had been put to death and the Jewish people were eagerly waiting for the execution of Peter like hungry wolves.