Acts 12:21

Upon a set day (takth hmerai). Locative case and the verbal adjective of tassw, to arrange, appoint, old word, here only in the N.T. Josephus (Ant. XVII. 6, 8; XIX. 8, 2) gives a full account of the occasion and the death of Herod Agrippa. It was the second day of the festival in honour of the Emperor Claudius, possibly his birthday rather than the Quinquennalia. The two accounts of Luke and Josephus supplement each other with no contradiction. Josephus does not mention the name of Blastus. Arrayed himself in royal apparel (endusameno esqhta basilikhn). First aorist middle (indirect) participle of endunw or enduw, common verb to put on. Literally, having put royal apparel on himself (a robe of silver tissue, Josephus says). The rays of the sun shone on this brilliant apparel and the vast crowd in the open amphitheatre became excited as Herod began to speak. Made an oration (edhmhgorei). Imperfect active of dhmhgorew, old verb from dhmhgoro (haranguer of the people), and that from dhmo (people) and agoreuw, to harangue or address the people. Only here in the N.T. He kept it up.