Acts 13:33

Hath fulfilled (ekpeplhrwken). Hath filled out (ek). Unto our children (toi teknoi hmwn). The MSS. vary greatly here about hmwn (our), some have autwn, some autwn hmin. Westcott and Hort consider these readings "a primitive error" for hmin (to us) taken with anasthsa Ihsoun (having for us raised up Jesus). This raising up (from anisthmi, set up) as in Luke 3:22 ; Luke 7:37 refers not to resurrection (verse Luke 13:34 ), but to the sending of Jesus (two raisings up). In the second psalm (en twi psalmwi twi deuterwi). Psalms 2:7 . D has prwtwi because the first psalm was often counted as merely introductory.