Acts 14:11

Lifted up their voice (ephran thn pwnhn autwn). First aorist active of epairw. In their excitement they elevated their voices. In the speech of Lycaonia (Lukaonisti). Adverb from verb lukaonizw, to use the language of Lycaonia found here alone, but formed regularly like Ebraisti ( John 5:2 ), Hellhnisti ( Acts 21:37 ), Rwmaisti ( John 19:20 ). Paul was speaking in Greek, of course, but the excitement of the crowd over the miracle made them cry out in their native tongue which Paul and Barnabas did not understand. Hence it was not till preparations for offering sacrifice to them had begun that Paul understood the new role in which he and Barnabas were held. In the likeness of men (omoiwqente anqrwpoi). First aorist passive participle of omoiw, to liken, with the associative instrumental case. In this primitive state the people hold to the old Graeco-Roman mythology. The story of Baucis and Philemon tells how Jupiter (Zeus) and Mercury (Hermes) visited in human form the neighbouring region of Phrygia (Ovid, Meta. VIII. 626). Jupiter (Zeus) had a temple in Lystra.