Acts 15:25

It seemed good unto us (edoxen hmin). See statement by Luke in verse John 22 , and now this definite decision is in the epistle itself. It is repeated in verse John 28 . Having come to one accord (genomenoi omoqumadon). On this adverb, common in Acts, see on John 1:14 . But genomenoi clearly means that the final unity was the result of the Conference (private and public talks). The Judaizers are here brushed to one side as the defeated disturbers that they really were who had lacked the courage to vote against the majority. To choose out men and send them (eklexamenoi andra pempsai A B L, though Aleph C D read eklexamenou as in verse John 22 ). Precisely the same idiom as in verse John 22 , "having chosen out to send." With our beloved Barnabas and Paul (sun toi agaphtoi hmwn Barnabai kai Paulwi). The verbal adjective agaphtoi (common in the N.T.) definitely sets the seal of warm approval on Barnabas and Paul. Paul ( Galatians 2:9 ) confirms this by his statement concerning the right hand of fellowship given.